Monday, December 3, 2012

'Twas the Workday Before Buyback

(The person responsible for posting this blog was told to do so on Friday, which would have made this posting a bit more timely.., enjoy nonetheless.)

‘Twas the workday before buyback
And all through the store
Not a creature was stirring
But the managers four*
*We actually have seven managers, but seven doesn’t rhyme with “store.” Sorry, I’m a blogger, not a poet.


The signs were hung from the ceiling with care
In the hopes that on Monday, students would be there
Lining up in droves to sell back their books
Even if we don’t buy them, we’ll at least take a look

Sell us your stuff! Your art books, your chemistry
How much will we pay? The prices are mysteries!
We take math books, geography, business and Spanish
Line your pockets with cash, feel your backpack weight vanish!

Arrive early as possible to beat all the lines
We open our doors an hour before nine
Supply and demand's the order of the day 
The earlier you sell, the more money we pay

So be ready for buyback on Monday the third
Do not forget the things you have heard!
The best prices are here. Do not doubt my word

Selling somewhere else?

Why, that’s just absurd!

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