Monday, November 19, 2012

The Big Buckyball Bye-Bye Bonanza Blowout! (Or something)

Buckyballs are on sale!

"What are Buckyballs?" you may ask.

Well, have you ever sat at your big comfy office desk and thought to yourself, "man, I sure could use a set of 216 magnetic beads that can be molded into the shapes of various wacky objects"? I know I have.

I'm naturally a curious person, so whenever the OTC Bookstore gets a new product, I'm usually eager to check it out. And when my boss put a set of these strange new "Buckyballs" on the front counter for our amusement, they had to be put to the fun test. And have fun with them we did. I mean c'mon, look at the cool stuff you can do with these things:


But maybe you like your magnetic desk toys in forms other than that of tiny beads. How about bars? How about in a variety of colors? What if you want 'em in triple their normal size? The OTC Bookstore sells 'em all.

But not for long.

Unfortunately, due to issues with children swallowing them despite clear warning labels on every side of the package, the original Buckyballs in their wide array of colors are no longer being manufactured (BuckyBars and BuckyBigs will not be affected). That means the ones we have in the store are the last ones we'll ever carry. What's the OTC Bookstore to do?

Why, have a sale, of course!

50% OFF UNTIL THEY ARE GONE!  Please note that due to the potential swallowing hazard, we cannot sell the product to anyone under the age of 14 or anyone that is purchasing Buckyballs accompanied by anyone under 14.

So pick up your Buckyballs today! Because once they're gone, they're gone forever!

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