Friday, November 16, 2012

A Few Friendly Reminders

We’re nearing the end of the semester. That means things are about to get busy around here. Here’s a handy-dandy list of the latest goings-on:

-Registration for classes is now open. You can either reserve your classes online at
the OTC website or do so in person at Student Services in Springfield or the main offices in other OTC locations.

-If you’re looking to reserve your textbooks, Textbook Reservation (TextRes) is now open. To make things simple for you, you can reserve your books RIGHT NOW by
clicking this handy dandy link right here. Please note that if you are enrolled in the Branson or Waynesville campuses, your books will automatically be reserved for you. All you have to do is come pick them up. More info in a future blog post.

-Financial Aid (MyPay MyWay) will be available for use on Monday, December 17th. YOU CANNOT CHARGE YOUR BOOKS TO FINANCIAL AID UNTIL THAT DAY.

-On a more lighthearted note, our Big Buckyball Bye-Bye Blowout Bonanza (or B6, as I like to call it) starts Monday (okay, actually I made up the entire name). 10% off all Buckyballs! More info on that Monday. My boss also has cryptically mentioned something about Star Wars and ping pong balls on our Facebook page. Color me curious.

(A note from the boss) -December Book Buyback starts on Monday December 3rd! Oddly enough the same day that the Springfield campus will understand the connection between ping pong balls, Star Wars, and Cash 4 Books! Don't worry Lebanon, Waynesville, Branson, and Richwood Valley you'll also get to experience some fun things too! (end of the stuff the boss wanted to add)
So, as you can see, we're prepping for a lot of stuff at the OTC Bookstore, and we hope you'll all be along with us for the ride!

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