Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Know Your Bookstore Employees- Amy Page

First of all, tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up around this area, graduated from OTC in 1999 with an Associate's degree in Elementary Education, then went on to get my Master's degree with emphasis on reading. I was really eager to come back and work for OTC after graduating.

You're acquainted with OTC besides working for the bookstore. Can you go into detail?
I also teach Developmental Reading (RDG-050). It helps students who may have missed out on some key reading skills (main ideas, supporting details, context clues, etc).

How long have you been working for the bookstore?
On-and-off for about 2 years.

What other, non-OTC jobs have you had in addition to this one?
I worked as a reporter at the KRZK radio station in Branson, a 4th grade teacher, girl scout summer camp counselor, and a Sunday school teacher.

What's your favorite aspect of working at the bookstore?
Helping people, especially working with students who are either coming back after being out of school for a long time, or those just getting into college who are a little overwhelmed by the whole experience and helping them ease into things.

Working at the bookstore is cool and all, but what's your dream job?
To be paid to sit around, read, and critique books.

What’s your favorite item that the bookstore carries, and why?
I love the clothes. I enjoy looking at the new and upcoming fashion trends and applying them to how we present our clothes in the bookstore. My personal favorite is the white OTC hoodies with iridescent animal print .

If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be?
The power of flight. Then I wouldn’t have to find a parking spot at OTC! Oh, and since I wouldn’t have to deal with traffic, I could sleep in later.

Finally, what would you like to say to all the people reading this blog right now?

OTC has so many opportunities and so many different programs. Whatever you’re
looking to do with your life, there’s a way OTC can help you achieve it!

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