Monday, December 3, 2012

'Twas the Workday Before Buyback (The Needlessly Wordy, Non-Rhyming Version)

‘Twas the workday before buyback, and all through the
store, not a creature was stirring...except for the management and employees getting everything ready so that the book buyback process would be a smooth procedure without any problems.

The power chord was hung from the ceiling with care…
...because if it wasn’t, then we wouldn’t have any power going to the computers, which is an integral aspect of being able to successfully conduct a buyback transaction.

The students will nestle, all snug in their beds…
...wondering if they will be able to sell back their books, because admittedly,
sometimes it varies whether or not we’re buying certain materials back.

From day in to day out there will be quite a clatter…

...because with this being the buyback season, we have a great deal more traffic than usual, and many students will be entering and leaving the store at any given time.

Their eyes-how they twinkle! Their dimples how merry!
…because being able to be rid of class materials that they no longer want whilst making a decent profit is an appealing prospect.

So happy buyback to all, and to all…
…please sell your books back to us, as good clientele is the lifeblood of a retail establishment, and without your patronage, we couldn’t stay in business and our employees would be out of work.

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