Thursday, October 30, 2014

Photo Album- Fall 2014 Student Picnic

The Student Picnic is an event that students and employees alike look forward to every semester. Not only does it offer them a chance to unwind, but it also presents a fine opportunity for other businesses and organizations, both within and outside of OTC, to connect with the community. The OTC Bookstore is no exception. Here's a look at our activities this semester.

We loaded up two baskets full of merchandise and invited students and faculty to spin a virtual wheel for a prize. Here we see bookstore employee Cecilia Abed and the back of a very handsome blogger's head.
Our initial plan was to roll the cart around the picnic and engage students and faculty, but we found ourselves so swarmed by people that we mostly ended up staying in one spot!

Bookstore employees aren't immune from becoming dunk tank victims. In Destiny Tibbett's case, she volunteered herself. Such a selfless girl.
Bookstore employee Madison Rodery apparently saw volunteering for the dunk tank as a good opportunity to get her sunglasses cleaned.

Needless to say, the dunk tank was a popular event for students, but perhaps even moreso for faculty and staff.

Elsewhere, Bookstore employee Rebekah Baggett shows off our wares to passersby.

Don't think the OTC Bookstore's presence can only be felt at the Springfield campus. We made a special trip down to the Richwood Valley campus for their picnic as well.

Naturally, we brought lots of CANDY! WEE!

                                                                          I like candy.
Bookstore employee McKenzie Morrow shows off some of what is but a small sample of the many, many clothing choices available at the OTC Bookstore. #ShamelessPlug

I wanted a strong photo to close out this album, so here's our Customer Service/Remote Sales Supervisor William Meyers holding a ball. Until next semester!
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