Monday, September 10, 2012

Game Day!, Part 1

Are classes kicking your butt? Looking to unwind after a busy day of learning? Or perhaps you're simply bored and searching for a quick distraction to fill the void between classes. Whatever the case, the OTC Bookstore, in our infinite wisdom of the student condition, has your needs covered.

It's Game Day season! For those of you new to or unaware of this event, during the slower season at the bookstore we keep things interesting by busting out our ol' XBox 360 (available for purchase in our bookstore for a very reasonable price!) and playing some video games every Thursday.

"I've never been good at video games!" I hear you say. Oh ho, but we don't play your average video games at the OTC Bookstore. No, with Kinect for XBox 360, your body is the controller. If you know how to move your various appendages in conjunction with one another, you can play without much effort. Lean left and right to guide a raft through turbulent waters. Swing your arms in a slicing motion to cut fruit in half. And if you know how to dance...well, dancing games are as simple as moving your body in tune with the music.

"How could a game machine possibly be able to register my movements like that?" you ask.

It's quite simple, really.

The secret is the XBox 360 Kinect Sensor (also available at the OTC Bookstore, both bundled with the system and by itself), an advanced camera that can detect the movements of your body all the way down to how you bend your arms or legs. That means full 3D body recognition, and your movements are captured and utilized by the game. To put it a simpler way: it's a whole lot of fun, and a great stress-reliever after a hard day of schoolwork!

What, you need more incentive to come play some games? Okay, how does the opportunity to win prizes sound? Whoever gets the highest score on the week's game is awarded a special prize, in most cases a $10 (or occasionally $20 if we're feeling generous) gift card to the bookstore. Free money for playing video games? What more could you ask from a college bookstore?

The first Game Day of the season is this Thursday from 9AM-4:30PM. But before the big day arrives, you may want some info on exactly what sort of games you may find yourself playing. That will be discussed in the following article.

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