Monday, June 25, 2012

Buying Your Books, Part 2

So, you've got your booklist. You know what to look for, but how do you go about finding what you need?

Many enlist the help of a sales associate, but during the busy season when the aisles are flooded with customers from open to close, it can be difficult for us to assist everyone.

Then there are those who decide to wing it and find their materials themselves (for what it's worth, I've heard "you made finding my books so must faster!" quite frequently from customers who have tried going solo at first).

Whatever the case, if you find yourself looking for books on your own, how do you find your way around? Let's take a little tour.


The books are arranged in a mostly-reverse-alphabetical order (more on that later). When you enter the store and head to the back, you'll find the A-books (starting with Accounting) at the far right end beside the customer service desk, ending with the W-books (Welding) near the far left corner.

Pretty simple, right? But you may still find yourself a bit confused. Two subjects encompass so much material that they are grouped together. The first one, Allied Health, covers Nursing, Physical Therapy Assisting, Dental Assisting, and others. With such a large group of similar material, they have all been grouped together along the far left wall. The other, Technical Education, covers Automotive, Graphic Design, Electronic Media, Culinary, and the like, and can be found running along the back wall of the store.

See? Not too terribly difficult to find your way around. And of course, even if you're flying solo in your book search, you can always try to enlist a sales associate's help in finding what you need if all else fails. Trust us, we got this book-finding stuff down to a science.

Next time on the Bookstore Blog, shelf tags.

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