Monday, June 4, 2012

Buying Your Books, Part 1

Many customers feel intimidated at the thought of having to come to the bookstore and purchase textbooks. "Where do I start?" "How do I know what materials I need?" "How do I go about getting what I need?"
Fret not. It's not nearly as intimidating a process as you might think. Our plethora of highly-trained staff members are more than willing help you in your book-purchasing endeavors.

So, you make your way into the bookstore and don't have a clue what you need, huh? You could navigate the aisles in an attempt to find the books yourself, but why expend your time and energy when you don't have to? If you head to the Customer Service desk located to the right of the textbook area, we can print a copy of your booklist. Let's take a gander at an example:

As you can see, this student is taking two classes during the summer, PSY-110 and ENG-101. Below each course, you can see the materials needed, as well as the prices for new and used editions of the textbooks where applicable. Usually there are also thumbnail images of what the book looks like.

Of course, this is a relatively simple booklist. Occasionally, they can be a bit more complicated, such as if you're taking BCS-120:

This course requires not only two textbooks, but also safety glasses, latex gloves, and a disposable lab coat. Also note the "Recommended Material(s)" listing at the bottom. As the name implies, these are materials that are completely optional for the course, but can be helpful to students who would like some extra assistance.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your booklist, feel free to speak to a bookstore sales associate, or you can reference the handy dandy sign "HOW TO READ A BOOKLIST" located beside the Customer Service counter at the back of the store.

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